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Wondering what it takes to be a Tuned studio?

  • Dedication
    Massage Therapists that are dedicated to helping athletes Get Great.
  • Desire
    Massage Therapists having a strong desire to do right thing.
  • Massage skills
    Excellent massage skills.
  • Detailed listening
    The ability to listen and observe is vital to ensure athlete needs are met.
  • Eagerness to learn
    A constant learner.
  • Punctuality
    A person that is fanatical about punctuality.
  • Licensed
    Licensed in the State you wish to work.

Our 5 Step
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    Say Hi!

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    Video interview

    We will schedule a video interview to chat more. It will be nice to get to know you!

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    Once we determine your studio is a good fit (and you feel the same about us!), we will invite you to list your studio on the TUNED Provider™ App.

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    Invite your Crew

    After listing your studio, it's time to invite your crew and yourself to join the platform. We will set them us and run them through the free TUNED Certified™ program.

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    Start Helping TUNED Athletes!

    After at least one therapist is listed and has become TUNED Certified™, your profile will be approved and you can begin helping athletes Get Great!™


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“Listing my studio with TUNED was the best decision for my business ever!”

Sarah Steiner
Massage Therapist, Colorado USA

"Managing my studio is a breeze now."

Sarah Steiner
Massage Therapist, Colorado USA

"Keeping track of payments is straight forward and easy."

Sarah Steiner
Expert Massage Therapist, USA

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